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Self-Discipline is a good thing. After all, it’s how we get things done. Self-discipline becomes the drive to complete every task. It builds us up in ways designed to make us stronger, and in the end, is the only reason we ever reach our goals.

But there are other benefits to self-discipline you might not be aware of. Let’s look at a few thoughts that might be new to you:

Self-Discipline Can Make you a Better Person
We’re not always the people we want to be. We act impulsively. We let emotions rule our actions. With self-discipline, we learn how to keep ourselves in check. We keep from making decisions based solely on emotion. We gain the ability to think things through. We even keep a more careful watch on our tongue as we consider our actions more carefully. In short, self-discipline allows us to become the people we want to become not the people we normally are.

Self-Discipline Keeps Us Focused
If you’re like most people, you probably struggle with various distractions throughout the day. Whether you constantly are fussing at your smartphone or can’t get enough of social media, the world constantly offers us mindless activity designed to keep us from doing what’s important. With self-discipline, you’re better able to focus. Distractions aren’t as tempting, and we find it easier to get things done.

Self-Discipline Helps Us to Succeed
What do you want out of life? Regardless of your goals, self-discipline is the impetus that will get you there. It’s the grit that allows you to dig in and get things done. It’s what drives us to learn, grow, and succeed where otherwise we might fail.

Self-Discipline Improves Your Relationships
How are you at keeping your word? If you’re self-disciplined, you keep your promises. Being someone who can be counted on to do what they say they will makes you more trustworthy, and speaks well of your character. Add to this the ability to keep one’s emotions under control, and you will see why someone who is self-disciplined is considered the ‘right’ sort of friend to have.

Self-Discipline Means You Stay Calm
Being clear-headed in an emergency is a huge plus. Self-discipline means you’re under control when you need to be. This trait manifests in a smaller, even more important way though. Self-discipline means you’re not easily offended. This equanimity means you’re less likely to be stressed by criticism, nor will you fly off the handle easily.

Self-discipline is not an easy trait to gain, but it’s well worth the effort to cultivate it in yourself, especially given the multitude of benefits that come with practicing this level of self-control. Truly, you can only become your best self if first, you’re self-disciplined.