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Let’s face it, in a world full of unique personalities, complex emotions, and varying attitudes, it’s near-enough impossible to avoid some negativity. Sadly, though, encountering an individual full of negativity can turn an awesome day into a day from hell. But, we’re on a mission to provide you with the tools to combat those negative people.

1) Accept that they exist everywhere

Once you accept that it’s possible to meet a negative person at any time, it won’t be such a shock when it happens. If you prepare for something beforehand, it’s much easier to cope with when it does happen.

2) Manage your reaction 

Just because someone is projecting negativity your way, it doesn’t mean you have to respond in the same way. Fighting fire with fire is not the best strategy in this instance. Instead, stay calm, remove yourself from the situation and be the better person.

3) Don’t dwell on it afterward

The worst thing you can do is dwell on a negative experience because that’s when you’ll let it ruin your day. You need to understand that negative people are like that with everyone – not just you – so move on with your own life.

4) Enforce your boundaries

If you feel like someone is giving you a hard time, then it’s okay to express your feelings. Of course, do so in a calm and collected manner, but you should never allow someone to cross your limit. You need to politely explain that they shouldn’t treat you in that way.

5) Don’t take it to heart

At the end of the day, if someone is going to attack you with negativity, that’s a reflection on them, not you. You’re not to blame, they are. Seriously analyzing negative criticism can leave you doubting yourself and that is something you want to avoid.

6) Discover the cause

It’s not a bad idea to try and discover why the other person is acting negatively. A lot of the time, something is brewing beneath the surface, which you’ll never understand if you don’t ask. So, you could try and show some empathy to see if anything is bothering them.

7) Try to ignore it

Another option is to ignore the negativity completely. If the other person has no impact on your life and is just causing unnecessary stress, removing yourself from their presence will solve the problem.

8) Always be positive

The biggest factor in staying positive is making a conscious effort to do exactly that. When people are negative, it’s easy to slip into negative emotions yourself. But, you need to try to distract yourself and find something that makes you happy again.