8 Reasons Why It Might be Time to Change Your Job

If you work in an environment where people are regularly coming and going for a variety of reasons, it can be hard to pinpoint when it's your time to leave. Are you being dramatic, or is it really time to pack up and find a new place to put down roots? You spend a lot...

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10 Solid Reasons to Change Right Now

Change is scary. Change is uncomfortable. Change is necessary. There are a lot of positive quotes about change that litter the internet. Those sayings aside, below are 10 solid reasons why you should open your heart and mind to change right now, and experience the...

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Yes, Your Attitude Affects Your Health

Viewing the body and mind as separate entities is completely understandable. After all, one is imaginary, and the other is there to see in all its glory. Arguably that’s why there’s so much emphasis in the world on taking care of your physical health, but much less...

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Tips for Avoiding Negativity on the Job

Feeling stressed at work? Are you having a hard time getting along with your colleagues? Or perhaps they're always complaining about a thing or another? If so, you're not alone. More than 98 percent of employees have experienced negativity or rudeness at work. About...

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8 Ways to Stay Positive When Around Negative People

Let’s face it, in a world full of unique personalities, complex emotions, and varying attitudes, it’s near-enough impossible to avoid some negativity. Sadly, though, encountering an individual full of negativity can turn an awesome day into a day from hell. But, we’re...

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Effective Ways to Protect Yourself from Negativity

Negativity affects your life on every level. It has the power to ruin relationships, decrease work performance, and increase stress levels. The good news is that you can fight it by changing your mindset. Not sure where to start? Check out these smart, effective ways...

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Adopt a Positive Mindset

Be grateful for what you have and then seek ways to achieve more. Start a gratitude journal and write a few things every day. That will reinforce positive thinking patterns and reduce negativity. Your positive attitude will also inspire others and strengthen your...

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6 Things Trying to Tell You It’s Time to Change

Sometimes we find ourselves itching for a change, wanting something different and new. However, many times when changes are most needed, we have no idea. We, as humans, can be oblivious to the most obvious of signs, bumbling through our days with abandon and...

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5 Strategies to Overcome Fear So You Can Make a Big Change

We all experience fear sometimes, but it can paralyze us in the face of significant changes. That's not cool. Big changes are going to happen consistently in our lives. When fear stops you in your tracks, take a few moments to consider the five strategies listed below...

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5 Signs That You’re Ready for a Change

Day to day life can be all-consuming. The minutia of our days defines our schedules while we allow our brains to operate on autopilot. Sometimes the need for a change from this continuous cycle is right in front of us, screaming for our attention, but we continue to...

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5 Signs It’s Time for a Change in Your Relationship

There are books, movies, blogs, social media accounts, and TV shows devoted to the phenomenon of relationships. While this article could digress into the pitfalls of finding your true love on reality TV, instead, it is going to focus on the 5 signs that it is time to...

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3 Surefire Signs You Need to Change Up Your Life

The moment when change is necessary for your life can be challenging to pinpoint. Sometimes we seem to hover on the edge of change, waiting for a reason to push us over the precipice. This is not always the case, though. Sometimes the signs that you need to take a...

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3 Practical Ways to Prepare for Your Big Change

 The internet and social media are littered with cliché quotes, GIFs, and memes on how change is hard but worth it. How to buckle down and do your best. Let’s be honest about all that—the motivation that they provide is temporary because motivation is temporary....

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