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Of all the skills you could spend time developing, strategic thinking is perhaps one of the most important. This is true whether you’re looking to build your professional life or trying to adjust your life in general.

Benefits of Strategic Thinking

  • Makes Things Simpler
  • You ask Better Questions
  • You Design a Plan That Fits
  • Keeps Your Focus Where it Needs to Be
  • You Make Fewer Mistakes
  • You Get To Your Goals Faster
  • Builds Better Analytical Skills
  • Sets You Up for Success

Examples of Strategic Thinking In Action

– Ask Questions
– Always be Learning
– Mentor
Personal Finances
– Evaluate
– Set Goals
– Know the Numbers
Romantic Relationships
– Set the Ideal
– Plot a Course of Action
– Execute the Plan
Work/Life Balance
– Know What’s Important
– Schedule
– Concentration
– Set Milestones
– Know What to Ignore
– Reinforcement

How to Apply Strategic Thinking to Your Life

  • Be More Prepared
  • Stay Open
  • Make Improvements
  • Know What’s Going On
  • Disengage and Ruminate
  • Look at the Whole Picture
  • Do New Things
  • Look at All Angles
  • Become an Encourager
  • Become More Certain
  • Listen More
  • Ask Better Questions